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Tiina Vanhatupa

Alice - Special Terms!

Alice - Special Terms!

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She is only available to those who did not manage to buy a doll from me last year (2023). If you bought a second hand Tiina from someone else, please consider giving this opportunity to someone else!

If there is not a buyer within the next 24h I will make her available for everyone. 

This is Alice. A little goth princess. 

Please read through the whole listing carefully and also make sure to read shop info and all the terms!

Also notice that if you are located in the EU, VAT will be added at checkout based on your location! So check in advance the VAT percentage of your country to avoid surprises! 
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  • Base doll  Cinema Princess(5th anniversary LE SBL).
  • Ymy22 body.
  • Hair washed and bangs trimmed to shape.
  • All new chips.
  • Modified eye sockets.
  • Lid art, sleep eyes and new lashes.
  • Closed mouth, glossy lips.
  • Piercing below lower lip. Permanent.
  • Double chin.
  • Sealed with matt MSC spray.
  • Travels in original box with original stock. See last photo!
    She was not NRFB so some items might be missing.


  • Some small surface craks on back plate due to difficult opening. See store info for SBL disclaimer!
  • She is hand carved and modded so not 100% symmetrical.

I recommend that you do not open the head unless you are very experienced. Any excessive pressure on the plates might cause the modded clay to crack. The clay is very hard and I don't think it will bend a lot. I am not responsible for any damage caused by careless handling.

All sales are final - no refunds!
Payment plan not available for this doll.

Please allow up to 5 working days for shipping! I ship once a week.

My dolls are always sold “as is”. I will not make any changes.
All modifications at your own risk.

Thank you!

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