About me

My name is Tiina. I am a Finnish doll customiser living in Helsinki.

I have been customising dolls since 2010. It all begun as a hobby but I am excited to call dolls my work now. It is a dream to be able to play with dolls for a living.

The Dolls

I have worked on many different kinds of dolls over the years. But my heart beats mostly for Blythe. They are my speciality and you will find that most of the dolls I sell here will be Blythes.

I only work on authentic releases (Takara, Kenner, Ashton Drake). However occasionally I might use the hair or eye mechanism or spare parts from fake releases. I also love to work on Icy dolls and ball jointed dolls.

My favourite mold to work on is RBL because of the thickest plastic around the mouth and nose area. I do love SBLs but it is a love / hate relationship. They are a nightmare to open and the plastic is very thin.

My tools are pretty simple. I use surgical scalpels for carving. 2-3 different shapes of blades is enough. They are very sharp. This allows me to carve pretty fast and accurately. I finish carving with regular sandpaper and fine sanding sponges.

I use pastels and watercolour pencils for make-up. And sometimes acrylic paints for the lids. I prefer to add the colour with soft brushes in various sizes. At the moment I love playing with the skin texture and my trademark is bushy eyebrows.

For sealing I use Mr Super Clear products.

I use matte spray as a base for colour and like to finish off with semi glossy for a more natural glow.

My dolls are meant to played with. But excessive touching of the face with bare hands will do damage to the make up over time. Little stains can be gently removed with cotton ball or q-tip and some warm water. Magic sponges can also be used but very very gently.  If you are worried about dressing and undressing I recommend using cotton gloves. I use them to handle the face plates when I'm adding make up.

If you have stained your doll you take action at your own risk! I am happy to provide instructions but am not responsible for any damage caused by you. So be careful! Sometimes it's better to add than to remove. Small stains can be covered with some extra freckles or moles!