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Tiina Vanhatupa

Reserved listing! DO NOT BUY!

Reserved listing! DO NOT BUY!

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AUCTION HAS ENDED! Highest bidder has been notified! Thank you everyone who made an offer! ❤️

This is a reserved listing! Do  not buy! 

Okay, let's try again! Since the auction app for Shopify was a disaster let's do this the old fashion way. Here's what to do to make an offer:

  1. The auction will run until 21.00 Finland time 29.4.24. (Monday)
  2. Make an offer in Euros. Offers starting at 1500€. (EU VAT and shipping added at check out).
  3. Use my email: (Instagram messages don't count).
  4. I will announce the days highest offer on Saturday and Sunday evening at 21.00 here in my store. If you wish, then you can make a higher offer. Again in Euros and through email only. On Monday I won't announce mid auction offers. I won't give away offer info privately either so please don't ask! Let's keep things fair!
  5. Read the listing carefully and only make an offer you can pay at once. Payment plan is not available for Pip. 
  6. Reserved listing will be created for highest bidder.
  • Base doll Veronica Lace (RBL)
  • Ymy22 body.
  • Hair washed and cut.
  • All new chips, lashes, sleep eyes and lid art.
  • Closed mouth and glossy lips.
  • Nose, eye sockets and mouth/chin area modded with clay.
  • Selaed with semi glossy MSC spray.
  • Travels dressed. Items in pics not included.


  • She was in bait condition and had deep melt marks on her forehead. They have been sanded down. Barely visible areas covered with bangs.
  • Body paler than the face.
  • Do not expect 100% symmetry.

I recommend that you do not open the head unless you are very experienced. Any excessive pressure on the plates might cause the modded clay to crack. The clay is very hard and I don't think it will bend a lot. I am not responsible for any damage caused by careless handling.

All sales are final - no refunds!
Please allow up to 5 working days for shipping! I ship once a week.

My dolls are always sold “as is”. I will not make any changes.
All modifications at your own risk.

Thank you!

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