Q & A

Can you mark parcel as a "gift" and under declare the value?

Unfortunately I am unable to under declare parcels. All parcels are declared for their true value. Please consult your country's customs for import fees. 

Do you take custom commissions?

I do not take commissions at the moment. I sometimes do trades with other customisers or if I'm looking for a certain doll.

What does "1st time buyer" mean?

1st time buyer means that you do not own a Tiina doll or have not owned one in the past.  New or second hand.

Failure to comply with the sale terms will result in a prompt refund minus 10% amount from the original price of the doll.  

Do you re-customize your old dolls?

Not anymore. No exceptions. I am also not responsible for any damage that you may have caused to your doll's make up. Play carefully!

How do I know when a doll is going to be for sale?

Best way to keep track of me is through my Instagram. This is where I am most active and I always announce there when a doll is going to be for sale.

Do you accept layaway?

Unfortunately I can not offer layaway.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, I do! I use DHL express. Shipping time usually depends on how fast the parcel clears the customs in your country. DHL delivery is safe and fast and should arrive within a week wherever you are located.
I can not send with DHL to residental addresses in Russia. Please contact me for an alternative option if you are buying from Russia.