Store info


 1. If you buy a doll from my store you will automatically not be allowed to buy the next one. Only one doll per customer.
This rule applies also to auctions. If you have won a doll through auction you are not allowed to participate in the next one.

2.  I do not give away information about doll sales beforehand. Follow my Instagram and turn on notifications to get up to date info! Every sale is announced there. I do not answer Instagram messages about sales.

3. I do not sell dolls directly to anyone or hold them for you. They will all go through my store.

4. Dolls will usually be listed between 9am-4pm Finland time. This is when I work and can react if something goes wrong or you have questions. I can not give you a more accurate time. All sales are announced in my Instagram.

5. My dolls are shipped in recycled boxes and packed in recycled materials. All materials are clean and dolls are always packed carefully to avoid any damage during shipment. Boxes are not pretty but safety is my number one priority.

SBL disclaimer!!! By default there is some kind of damage to the dome and/or the parts where the dome sits. SBLs are notoriously difficult to open because the dome is glued into the face plates. Sometimes it pops open easily but 8 times out of 10 something breaks. Most of the time all the damage is safely hidden under the scalp and you won’t see it unless you swap the hair or need to open the doll. But sometimes there is also damage to the face plates. This kind of damage is always mentioned in the “Flaws” section of my listings. But I do not mention the damage under the scalp. It will most likely be there! It does not affect the doll in any other way except swapping the hair might be more difficult.